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Self Service Pack is for moving smaller volume. (effective only upto 2 M3) Other than SELF Door to Door pack, there is SELF Door to Port services to whom the pick-up at destination is a easy work. However, the delivery service in Canada, Australia, New Zealand is worth while to order as its cost is very reasonable.

The Self Pack Service method:

  1. ECONOMOVEJAPAN send two empty cartons which amount to 1cbm. One carton is 0.5cbm, the inner dimension is Length1060mm x Width680mm x Height620mm
    (Outer size is Length1080mm x Width700mm x Height660mm, or L 3' 7" x W 2' 4" x H 2' 2 1/2" )

    Two standard outer cartons make 1M3 HOW TO TAPE THE BOX?

    This carton is made of specially tough type carton resistable against the rough handling during surface shipment.

    Packing paper or bubble wrap is not included, so, kindly prepare the newspapers or cloth-towels etc as packing materials. Or you can prepare the bubble wrap which are sold at DIY shop.
    Your normal small carton are not proper for forwarding by surface. They are not enough strong, and there are big possibilities that some of cartons will be missing or easily damaged.
    In case you have the bigger items than our carton size, please do not hesitate to ask us to make the custom made carton.
    After we got the precise measurement of it, we are pleased to provide it as an optional item.(additional charge shall be required)

  2. Complete the "Self Pack" inventory list enclosed with empty cartons.
    Circle the proper item, put qtty and the amount prices in Japanese Yen, as you can find in the sample form. If you could not find the proper item, circle "etc" and write the content in the blank.

  3. Complete the order form.

  4. Make a photo copy of passport.
    Face page only with its 140% maginified mode photo copy ensures our smooth documentation work.

  5. Make a photo copy of travel itinerary to go back.

  6. Complete the insurance application form. This insurance is a limited coverage by low cost.
    Insurance premium rate is 0.5%, cheapest in the international moving market.

  7. Then post the above 2,3,4,and 5 to Our Office by using the envelope enclosed.(a stamp is already put on it.)
    It must be delivered to ECONOMOVEJAPAN Co.,LTD. until the pickup date.Should you have missed to send it by the above timing, we have to ask you to send it by facsimile. Our fax number is 0725-41-3619.

  8. According to the instruction enclosed with empty carton, pack your personal effects by yourself by your risk.
    1. Do not pack the liquid item.
    2. Do not pack the prohibited item.
    3. Do not make the carton swollen. If the carton is swollen, the insurance won't cover any damage because the packing method should be assumed to be not proper.
    4. Use the packing tape up till it becomes end.
    5. There are weight limit of approx80kg/176lbs per 0.5M3 carton, as a carton must be carried by two person including the driver. If heavier than 80kg, we have to ask you to use our S zize standard carton(0.25M3 carton) enabling easier handling whike pickup work. (Additional charge of JPY3000 required.)
    6. Put the shipping mark (sticker) enclosed with empty cartons on the side of our carton. Two sticker must be put on the each side of carton.( look the sample )
    7. Should it be exceeding 80kg/0.5cbm carton, and your residence is located at second story without elevator, you are requested to ask two more friends to help you to carry the carton during the pickup time.

  9. Call us to ask the pickup of the packed cartons. The preferable hours for pickup is between 4 P.M. and 6 P.M.(Sunday pickup hour will be before noon hours.)
    Even if Saturday or Sunday, pickup services are available without any extra cost.
    However, we appreciate you for the weekday pickup.
    Should you need any language help during pick-up, please call Mr.Shima 070-5654-1746, or 0120-981-862.

  10. Please pay the amount to our bank account at your earliest conveniences until the full carton pick-up date.
    As for the payment, we only accept bank wire transfer. Thanks a lot for you kindest understandings.

  11. After the payment is confirmed, we shall proceed for booking of the vessel, and as soon as it is fixed, shipping schedule shall be e-mailed to you.